Yanmar Vi025-6A Compact Excavator

Yanmar Vi025-6A Compact Excavator

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: Vi025-6A
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar Vi025-6A Compact Excavator

Vi0 Series
The "VIO" name means True Zero Tail Swing. In 1993, YANMAR launched the world's first ZERO TAIL Swing excavator and is currently marketing the 6th generation model. We have 7 models in the "VIO" series ranging from 3,836 lbs through 18,136 lbs.

  • The mini excavator, reinvented by Yanmar.
  • A whole line up of high performance features for professionals.
  • Operation so easy it's a joy.
  • All-round comfort and convenience.
Vi025-6A Works in tight spaces.
Power won’t do you a bit of good if your excavator can’t work in a really tight space. The ViO25-6A lets you work quickly and effectively in tight, narrow quarters or adjacent to a wall or building. Its powerful, fuel-efficient 19.2-hp Yanmar diesel engine, industry-first true zero tail swing technology and deep digging depth lets you knock out tough jobs in no time. So no space is simply no problem.

Compact Excavator Vi025-6A Features

  • No part of the housing extends beyond the tracks.
  • Allows efficient operation in tight spaces.
  • Access to more jobs
  • Less damage to the machine
  • Less damage to the site
  • Better visibility - Increased Safety
Hydraulic Coupler Comes Standard
The standard equipment hydraulic coupler expands the versatility of the VIO series by allowing a variety of bucket sizes or attachments to be used, saving the contractor the expense of bringing other machines to the job site. The YANMAR hydraulic quick coupler adapts to most bucket pin sizes and spreads, allowing the VIO to adapt to other manufacturers products.

The Stability of a Conventional Excavator
The ViO20 comes standard with ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability (VICTAS). This innovative offset track technology provides increased stability without increasing the undercarriage width. You get the balance and stability of a conventional, standard-sized machine in a mini-excavator.
VIPPS (VIO Progressive 3-Pump System)
The VIO series excavators utilize multiple variable displacement piston pumps and gear pumps. The load sensing pumps in combination with YANMAR's innovative hydraulic circuitry design, allow fast, smooth and powerful performance even when combining functions of the boom, arm bucket and swing
Other Features
  • Efficient 19.2 hp interim tier 4 diesel engine
  • Easy-to-operate joystick controls with control pattern change standard
  • Spring steel cylinder rod guards and hose protection
  • 4-Pillar ROPS/FOPS canopy for safety
  • Integrated boom light protected from damage
  • Large, comfortable operating space
  • Angled crawler frame reduces foreign matter build-up
  • Traveling alarm signals when machine is moved

Vi025-6A Quick Specs

  • Weight: 5919 lbs
  • Horse Power: 20.4 hp
  • Digging Depth: 9'8"

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