Yanmar Vi017 Compact Excavator

Yanmar Vi017 Compact Excavator

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: Vi017
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar Vi017 Compact Excavator

Vi0 Series
The "VIO" name means True Zero Tail Swing. In 1993, YANMAR launched the world's first ZERO TAIL Swing excavator and is currently marketing the 6th generation model.

The "VIO" development objective of turning within the machine width has been successfully achieved, while still maintaining the stability and work performance of a conventional style unit. We have 7 models in the "VIO" series ranging from 3,836 lbs through 18,136 lbs.

Vi017 Contracted to enter narrow places and extended to ensure stable work. 
Yanmar's Mini Excavator allows ease of access to narrow places and ensures stable workability. Besides, the Mini Excavator is of sturdy construction that prevents itself from wobbling when the undercarriages are widely opened. Moreover, when the distance between the undercarriages is extended, the Mini Excavator forcibly discharges the mud in the sliding pipes, thus performing highly efficient work in any place regardless of the size of the place.

Compact Excavator Vi017 Innovative Features

True Zero Tail Swing
Take on more jobs in tighter spaces. With true zero tail swing technology, no part of the ViO17 housing extends beyond the tracks, so you can work efficiently almost anywhere, with less damage to both the machine and the worksite. Plus, you enjoy better visibility for increased performance and safety.
Unbeatable Track And Undercarriage Flexibility
Tracks hydraulically retract to 37 inches for traveling through narrow passageways, and expand to 49 inches for greater stability while digging. Yanmar’s innovative variable undercarriage raises or lowers the left or right tracks to balance the machine on uneven surfaces. Plus, the folding blade provides even more flexibility.
Pilot Joystick Controls
Joystick pilot controls with control pattern change are standard equipment on the ViO17. The easy-to-access valve lets you switch from excavator to backhoe control in just seconds. The wrist control lever and ergonomically designed armrest provide comfortable, easy operation, designed to significantly reduce fatigue on long,
tough workdays.
Other Features
  • Efficient 13.5 hp interim tier 4 diesel engine
  • Spring steel cylinder rod guards and hose protection
  • 4-Pillar ROPS/FOPS canopy for safety
  • Integrated boom light protected from damage
  • Easy maintenance access to every major component
  • Comfortable, easy walk-through operating station
  • Unobstructed view enhances safety

Vi017 Quick Specs

  • Weight: 3836 lbs
  • Power: 68.4 hp
  • Digging Depth: 7'7"

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