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Yanmar V4-6 Compact Wheel Loader

Yanmar V4-6 Compact Wheel Loader

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: V4-6
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar V3-6 Compact Wheel Loader

Increased comfort, efficiency and operating capacity
V4-6 has accomplished greater efficiency and comfort for the powerful operation with greatly increased operational load.
The features such as new design of working lights including turning signals, large footsteps and clear instrument panel are improved for operator's usability.
Easy and unrestricted operating space offers greater visibility with comfortable suspension seat that reduces operating stress and fatigue.
Simple, easy access to the power line (From Engine to Transmission) brings big improvements to maintenance efficiency by easy opening rear bonnet and removal floorboard.
The large cast iron counter-weight securely protects the working lights and provides the best stability during loader works.

Equipped Clean & Silent Yanmar Diesel Engine, in full compliance with I-Tire4 EPA (USA) and stage II A EC

Yanmar V4-6 Features

2 Mode Control
Fully Automatic Mode- 
The machine will accelerate smoothly and change gear speed automatically
Fixed Speed Mode- 
Machine speed is fixed at low speed mode irrespective of accelerator operation. Powerful, smooth job operation-a convenient mode for jobs in restricted areas.
Auto Leveler or Return to Dig Function
A single lever operation places the bucket level on the ground, automatically. The bucket moves swiftly back to the scooping position after dumping. It makes everyone a skilled operator.
V4-6 Canopy or Cabin
ROPS/FOPS Canopy protects against operator injury
Large Counterweight
A large, sturdy counter-weight guards the rear. Damage to the rear is common in loader work. The rear, including turn signals, is securely protected by a large cast iron counter-weight. It is safe, sturdy and strong.
Rear Axle Oscillation
The driving force of the machine it transmitted securely in uneven terrain through the use of rear axle oscillation. It reduces operator fatigue and helps keep operation level.
Column Shift
A single lever operation for instant switching between forward and reverse. A safety lock prevents mis-operation.

Suspension Seat
Comfortable suspension seat with seatbelt and reclining back.
Grip with Mirror
Convenient Grip with mirror assists operator ingress and egress.
Flasher and side combination work light.
Column Shift
A single lever operation for instant switching between forward and reverse. A safety lock prevents mis-operation.

V4-6 Quick Specs

  • Weight: 8058 LB
  • Net Power: 40.4 hp
  • Bucket Capacity: .65 cu yd

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