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Yanmar T-175-1 Compact Track Loader

Yanmar T-175-1 Compact Track Loader

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: T-175-1
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar T-175-1 Compact Track Loader

Our new Compact Track Loader delivers the same raw power, fuel efficiency and versatility as our Skid Steer Loaders, but with durable, high-strength rubber tracks for superb traction and less surface damage. The T-175-1 has 68.4 hp and a rated operating capacity of 1,750 pounds. With this CTL, it won’t matter if your jobsite is mud, sand or rough, uneven ground. You’ll be able to quickly and efficiently get in, get done and move on to the next big job.

T-175-1 Innovative Features

68.4-HP Yanmar Diesel Engine
You can never have too much power. You can’t have too much fuel efficiency either, especially with diesel prices so high. That’s why Yanmar’s Final Tier 4 naturally aspirated diesel engines give you both. They deliver the power to lift up to 2,500 lbs. along with the fuel-sipping savings your business demands.
Automatic Track Tensioning System
You’re not getting much work done if you constantly have to stop to adjust the tension on your tracks. That’s why our industry-exclusive Automatic Track Tensioning System does it for you. It starts before you begin working and constantly adjusts while you’re grading, hauling or doing any of the hundreds of other jobs you’ve got to get done.
Anti-Stall System for Uninterrupted Power
Yanmar’s Anti-Stall system makes sure you’ve got the power to see a tough job through to the end without interruption. Anti-Stall automatically adjusts the hydrostatic pump, so as drive load increases, maximum engine torque and drive power are maintained.
Other Features
  • Automatic track tensioning system
  • Self-adjusting hydrostatic pump
  • 5 X 5 drive control system
  • State-of-the-Art cab ergonomics
  • Best-in-class 7.5 mph speed
  • Best-in-class tractive effort at 11,840 lb
  • Best-in-class 34.7” reach
  • Best-in-class 98” dump height
  • Choice of 2 quick coupler systems
  • High-flow hydraulics
  • Welded, dedicated track system for smoother ride
  • Best-in-class 127.5 BOOM lift height

T-175-1 Quick Specs

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1750 lb
  • Net Power: 68.4 hp
  • Operating Weight: 8605 lb
  • Lift Height: 127.5

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