Yanmar SV08-1A Compact Excavator

Yanmar SV08-1A Compact Excavator

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: SV08-1A
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar SV08-1A Compact Excavator

SV Series
The "SV" means Ultra-Tight Turning. The turning radius in both front and rear is very minimal. This smooth, tight turning radius adds versatility on a tight work site. We now have 2 models in the "SV" series, with the smallest model, SV08-1A (2,348lbs) and the largest model, SV100-2 (21,550lbs).
The SV08-1A is a whole new class of slim and compact convenience.
Here's the new shape for simple and efficient work in confined spaces.  The SV08-1A is tenacious worker for narrow-spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe laying and landscaping.

Compact Excavator SV08-1A Innovative Features

Adjustable Width Tracks to Squeeze Almost Anywhere
The track width of the SV08-1A narrows to 2ft-3in (680 mm) to fit through narrow passages, and expands to 2ft-9in (840 mm) for stability while working. In addition, the super compact body features an ultra-tight turning radius of 2ft-5in (725 mm), and keeps rear overhang to just 1in (305 mm).
Easy Accessibility for Routine Maintenance
The engine is conveniently located right under the operator’s seat. Simply lift up and fold back the seat for quick, easy access to all major components. Routine maintenance is always a breeze.
Foldable ROPS
The durable, foldable ROPS system helps protect the operator from injury and folds down to allow passage through spaces as tight as a standard doorway.
Other Features
  • Efficient 10.3 hp interim tier 4 diesel engine
  • Two way control pattern change
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulics w/ proportional control standard
  • Variable undercarriage improves stability
  • Operator-friendly, uncomplicated lever controls
  • Comfortable operator seat
  • Covered boom cylinders and hydraulic hoses

SV08-1A Quick Specs

  • Weight: 2348 lbs
  • Horse Power: 10.3 hp
  • Digging Depth: 5'4" 

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SV08-1A Spec Sheet