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Yanmar S-220R-1 Skid Steer Loader

Yanmar S-220R-1 Skid Steer Loader

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: S-220-1
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar S-220R-1 Skid Steer Loader

Lifts. Hauls. Digs. Dumps. Sweeps. Grinds. Plows and better for the environment.
You’ll run out of jobs before you run into something the S220R-1 Skid Steer Loader can’t do. Whether you’re unloading endless pallets from an endless line of trucks, removing a forest full of stumps or moving tons of snow, the S220R-1 gives you both the power and versatility to get the job done. And our new powerful 70.7-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine is not only highly fuel-efficient, it’s also just a little bit better for everything around us, too.

S-220R-1 Innovative Features

New Tier 4 Final Engine
Our new 70.7-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine burns cleaner, without sacrificing power or fuel efficiency. It features an ECU-controlled common rail fuel injection system, water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a new intake throttle valve and DPF with active regeneration. The DPF regeneration control results in very low lube oil dilution and lower fuel consumption overall, plus extended DPF durability and longer maintenance intervals.
Spacious, Comfortable Cab
Our newly upgraded operator’s station is larger and more comfortable, a real plus when you’ve got to spend a long day on the job. And the towers have been lowered for better visibility and enhanced safety.
Standard Control Systems Across All Models
Each of our skid steer loaders now feature the exact same ergonomically enhanced control system, so operation is simple, comfortable and consistent regardless of model.
Other Features
  • 70.7 HP Final TURBOCHARGED diesel engine
  • Suspension seat for all-day comfort
  • Spacious panoramic view cab
  • Comfortable high-visibility cab
  • Self-leveling System
  • Choose from 2 Quick-Attach mounting systems
  • Electronic Info Center Display
  • Ride Control System
  • Level II ROPS/FOPS overhead guard
  • High-flow Hydraulics

S-220R-1 Quick Specs

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1900 lb
  • Net Power: 68.4 hp
  • Operating Weight: 6880  lbs
  • Lift Height: 120.5"

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