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Yanmar C30R-2B Tracked Carrier

Yanmar C30R-2B Tracked Carrier

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model Number: C30R-2B
Product Class: Base Unit

The Yanmar C30R-2B Tracked Carrier

The C30R-2B is the carrier for professionals. It delivers the simple, efficient operation and ruggedness needed for every terrain.
Yanmar tracked carriers go where lesser vehicles may not. Sometimes conditions make it impossible for ordinary pick-ups or dump trucks to even get to a jobsite. Swampy, soft ground, sand, snow, steep slopes and winding paths can bring a job to a halt. But the rugged, powerful C30R all-terrain tracked carrier is purpose-built for just those conditions. The rubber-tracked, high-flotation, low-ground-pressure carrier productively operates in the toughest conditions, while minimizing damage to environmentally sensitive areas. Which means there’s almost no place you can’t get to, and no job you can’t get done. 

C30R-B Innovative Features

Yanmar’s Legendary Diesel Engine
For more than 100 years, Yanmar has been powering equipment on the world’s farms and jobsites. The C30 comes with a 34.1-hp, three-cylinder, water-cooled engine, renowned for both its power and fuel efficiency. Strong enough to navigate the toughest terrain without draining the checkbook.

Reversible Operator’s Seat
The operator’s seat turns 180 degrees so the operator is always moving forward. This provides a safer work environment on mountain paths and other turn-restricted worksites. It also reduces damage to environmentally sensitive areas because there’s no need to make skid turns.

Single-Handed Steering
Easily operate the C30R with a single steering lever that will turn the machine in the direction you move the lever. This enables convenient one-handed operation, and reduces operator fatigue. Couple this with nearby dump and forward/reverse levers, and almost anyone can be a professional operator.

 Other Features
  • Powerful 3-Cylinder 34.1 HP Tier 4 Diesel Engine
  • Smooth, automatic hydrostatic transmission
  • 4-pillar ROPS, FOPS canopy with seatbelt
  • 58 degree dumping
  • Walk-through operators seat
  • Full opening hood for easy maintenance
  • 5500 lb payload

C30R-2B  Quick Specs

  • Weight: 5,215 lbs
  • Horsepower: 34.1 hp
  • Max Payload: 5,510 lbs

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