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Tsurumi TE3-HA Series Trash Pumps

Tsurumi TE3-HA Series Trash Pumps

Manufacturer: Tsurumi
Model Number: TE3-50HA / 80 HA / 100HA
Product Class: Base Unit

TE3-HA Series Trash Pumps

TE3-HA Series Centrifugal Pump is available in 3 models:
  • TE3-50HA Gasoline Powered Centrifugal Pump
  • TE3-80HA Gasoline Powered Centrifugal Pump
  • TE3-100HA Gasoline Powered Centrifugal Pump

TE3-HA Series Features

  • Heavy-Duty Honda gas engine with oil sensor and Silicon Carbide mechanical seal provides the lognest life in this class. 
  • Cast Iron impeller and volute casing.
  • Durable Rolled-Steel frame provides pump/engine with maximum protection, perfect ease of handling or transport, and safe operation.

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