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Tsurumi EPT4 Series Engine Powered Pumps

Tsurumi EPT4 Series Engine Powered Pumps

Manufacturer: Tsurumi
Model Number: EPT4-150DPQJD / EPT4-150DPJD / EPT4-150DPSJD
Product Class: Base Unit

EPT4 Series Engine Powered Pumps - 3 Popular Models

Vacuum assisted, heavy-duty John Deere engine with electric start and 60 gallon fuel tank for a runtime at full of load of 24 hours!  Passes 3"spherical solids.
The Tsurumi EPT4 Series - Choose from 3 models:
  • EPT4-150DPQJD Sound Attenuated Dry Prime with electric start John Deere Engine
  • EPT4-150DPJD Priming Assisted Dry Prime with Heavy Duty John Deere Engine
  • EPT4-150DPSJD Skid mount dry prime with John Deere water-cooled Diesel Engine
Each model is vacuum assisted and passes 3" spherical solids. 

EPT4 Series Features

  • Tungsten vs. Silicon Carbide seal faces
  • Viton elastomers
  • Stainless steel hardware and spring
  • Seal system designed for dry running
  • Heavy duty DOT road trailer

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