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Tsurumi EPT3-HA Series Trash Pumps

Tsurumi EPT3-HA Series Trash Pumps

Manufacturer: Tsurumi
Model Number: EPT3-HA50 / 80 / 100
Product Class: Base Unit

EPT3-HA Series Trash Pumps

Gasoline EPT3/EPT5-HA SERIES Trash Pumps are available in 3 models:
  • EPT3-HA50 is powered by the Honda GX160 Gasoline Engine with 2" Discharge
  • EPT3-HA80 features the Honda GX-240 Engine with 3" Discharge
  • EPT3-100HA is driven by the Honda GX-340 Gasoline Engine with 4" Discharge

We've redesigned our portable trash pump series by increasing the size of the pump casing. Plus, we've installed an access door to the impeller that can be taken off the volute casing without you having to remove the suction hose. Powered by quality, dependable Honda and Subaru gas engines (Portable trash pumps); Honda gas / Yanmar diesel engine (6" Trash pumps). 

EPT3-HA Series Trash Pump Features

  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 inch sizes.
  • Powered by Honda gas engines with oil sensor alert.
  • High chromium impeller and cast iron volute casing.
  • Stainless Steel wear plate around the inside of the casing for extra durability.
  • Galvanized steel hose couplings for longer thread life.
  • Rubber Vibration Cushions to buffer stress and wear when pumps in operation.
Wheel kits, suction and discharge hoses, strainers are available.

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