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Tsurumi EPT2-RDB Series Diesel Driven Pumps

Tsurumi EPT2-RDB Series Diesel Driven Pumps

Manufacturer: Tsurumi
Model Number: EPT2-50RDB / EPT2-80RDB / EPT2-100RDB
Product Class: Base Unit

Diesel EPT2-RDB Series Engine Powered Pumps

Powered by quality, dependable Robin Hatz Diesel engine. Built with the highest quality components for use on your toughest dewatering jobs.
The EPT2-RDB Series by Tsurumi is offered in three models:
  • EPT2-50RDB  has a Robin Hatz Diesel engine and is designed for 2" Suction and Discharge
  • EPT2-80RDB comes with a Heavy Duty Robin Hatz Diesel Engine and 3" Suction & Discharge Designs
  • EPT2-100RDB has 4" Suction and Discharge Designs and a Diesel Engine by Robin Hatz 

EPT2-RDB Series Features

  • Low emission level for cleaner environment
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seals
  • Extremely quiet
  • High capacity Air Cleaner
  • Easy and reliable starting
  • High Chrome impeller
  • Cast Iron volute casting plus stainless steel wear plate
  • Pump/engine set mounted to cage frame on rubber vibration cushions
  • Durable rolled-steel frame
  • Galvanized steel hose couplings

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