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Stanley LaBounty RGS 191 Grapple

Stanley LaBounty RGS 191 Grapple

Model Number: RGS 191
Product Class: Attachment

RGS 191 Grapple

RGS Grapple for handling bulk scrap
RGS Grapples feature synchronized jaws designed for sever duty applications such as scrap recycling, rock, and log handling.   The 2-tine, 3-tine configuration with bypassing halves and 360° rotation aids in aligning material into a stationary shear or shredder making the RGS ideal for handling single items, bulk scrap and large, bulk items such as car bodies.
3 RGS Grapple models are available for carriers from 30,000-160,000 lb (13,608-72,576 kg). They are used for severe duty applications such as scrap recycling, rock and log handling.

RGS 191 Grapple Features

  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Integrated cylinder shrouds and hanging yoke come standard
  • Two hydraulic circuits are required:  one for open and close of the grapple halves and one for rotation

RGS 191 Grapple Specifications

  • Excavator Weight: 50,000 - 75,000 lbs
  • Attachment Weight: 2,950 lbs
  • Grapple Capacity: 3 - 3.50 cu yds
  • Grapple Opening: 92"
  • Fully Closed: 18"
  • Front Half Width: 20.5"
  • Back Half Width: 32.5"

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Available Downloads:
RGS Grapples Spec Sheet
Grapples Safety, Operation & Maintenance Manual