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Stanley LaBounty HDR 100/170/200 Grapple

Stanley LaBounty HDR 100/170/200 Grapple

Manufacturer: StanleyLaBounty
Model Number: HDR 100/HDR 170/HDR 200
Product Class: Attachment


The HDR 100 Grapple is designed for rugged use with a two-tine, movable upper half and a three-tine stationary lower. This grapple is the original workhorse of the industry and extremely versatile, proving itself as the preferred tool in demolition (both residential and industrial), scrap handling, rock handling, waste handling and land clearing.
HDR Grapples come in 3 basic configurations:

HDR Standard Mount is designed with multi-machine mounts, capable of fitting to several model excavators within the same weight class by simply changing out the mounting kit (pins, bushings & spacers).
HDR Custom Mount is designed for a specific excavator linkage (not encompassed by the standard lug design) or custom bucket linkage that is out of the ordinary.
HDR Quick Coupler Mount is designed to capture most manufacturer's standard pin quick couplers and function with direct pin on as well. (Grapple with or without coupler.) Profile quick couplers are also available. 



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Available Downloads:
HDR Grapples Spec Sheet
Grapples Users Manual