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JCB TLT30D High Lift Teletruk

JCB TLT30D High Lift Teletruk

Manufacturer: JCB
Model Number: TLT30D High Lift
Product Class: Base Unit

JCB Teletruk (forklift trucks

 In 1997, JCB developed a forklift truck with a telescopic boom instead of a vertical mast to create the JCB Teletruk. Our unique design dramatically improves site safety, saves operational time and yard space. All of which can translate into huge financial savings.

The Teletruk forklift provides unrivalled forward visibility, forward reach and large lift capacity on a compact machine. It enables you to change attachments quickly and easily and the 111 degrees of carriage rotation allows you to pick and place loads safely.

The versatile JCB Teletruk is arguably 5 machines in 1, utilising the benefits of a Skid Steer Loader, Compact Telescopic Handler, Rough Terrain Forklift, Compact Wheeled Loader and a Conventional Masted Forklift Truck.

3 models are available within the JCB Diesel Teletruk range. These models have lift capacities up to 7,000lb and a lift height up to 16ft 11. The Teletruk does everything a conventional forklift does, only more.

TLT30D High Lift counterbalance forklift

The TLT30D High Lift counterbalance forklift is a strong and exceptionally versatile performer weighing up to 12,125lb.
Maximum lift capacity is 6,000lb with maximum lift height of 16ft,11 inches and a maximum forward reach of 10ft,11 inches.
The JCB 30D HL Teletruk is powered by the new Tier 4/Stage IIIB JCB Diesel by Kohler 62HP engine.
Our unique telescopic boom offers many benefits which are:
Unrivalled visibility - No obstructive mast improving site safety.
Forward reach - Ability to single side load, reduces double-handling and keeps operators clear of hazardous environments.
111 degrees of carriage rotation - Making handling of unpalletised goods much easier and safer.
Space savings - 50% less loading space required in congested yards.

TLT 30D High Lift Telescopic High Lift Raises Standards

JCB’s TLT30D High Lift telescopic forklift raises more than just loads; it raises the standard in safety, productivity and versatility for all forklift trucks. 
  • 62hp JCB Diesel by Kohler engine
  • 7000lb lift capacity and 16fi 11in lift height
  • 3700lb forward reach lift capacity
  • Easily-accessible components and service check areas

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