Genesis LXP 400 Shear with Concrete Cracker Jaw

Genesis LXP 400 Shear with Concrete Cracker Jaw

Manufacturer: Genesis
Model Number: LXP 400 Shear
Product Class: Attachment

LXP 400 Shear with Concrete Cracker Jaw

The Genesis LXP® with Concrete Cracker Jaw is designed for concrete recycling, C&D processing, demolition and rebar removal. Featuring a patented pivot system that provides a power curve to match the application, the LXP's jaw tips concentrate force to more thoroughly crush heavy concrete.

The LXP with Concrete Cracker Jaw also features:
  • Teeth that are easy to change and fully protect the parent material, eliminating the need for build-up and hard-surfacing
  • A jaw set stand for safe, easy and fast jaw change-outs
  • A proprietary regeneration valve that improves cycle time by up to 33% compared to standard hydraulic systems

Designed to fit 20,000 lb. to 150,000 lb. excavators, the Genesis Logix Processor's industry-leading quick-change jaw design provides powerful multiprocessor capabilities. Attachments include pulverizer, concrete cracker and shear jaws that can be changed out in 15 minutes to meet any jobsite need.

LXP 400 Shear Specifications

  • Weight: 11,065 lbs
  • Jaw Opening: 24"
  • Jaw Depth: 27"
  • Reach: 9'6"
  • Minimum Excavator Weight Boom Mount: 60,000 lbs
  • Minimum Excavator Weight Stick Mount: 100,000 lbs

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Available Downloads:
LXP 400 Shear Spec Sheet
LXP Safey & Operator's Manual