Genesis GXT 555 XT Mobile Shear

Genesis GXT 555 XT Mobile Shear

Manufacturer: Genesis
Model Number: GXT 555
Product Class: Attachment

Genesis GXT 555 XT Mobile Shear

The Genesis XT mobile shear is the industry’s next generation shear designed to process scrap more efficiently and fit on smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition investments and hourly energy consumption costs.

Shorter in length and height and lighter in weight, the GXT is a scrap shear and demolition shear that features a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator, enabling models to mount on excavators that previously could only carry smaller, less powerful shears.

GXT features include:
  • Improved jaw geometry that makes it easier to pick up material and reduces wear from ground contact
  • Reverse-mounted hydraulic cylinder that shortens shear length and weight, protects rod from damage
  • Lower shear height improves visibility

GXT 555 Specifications

  • Weight: 11,600 lbs
    Jaw Opening: 30"
    Jaw Depth: 30"
    Reach: 8'0"
    Minimum Excavator Wt. Boom Mount: 50,000 lbs
    Excavator Wt. Stick Mount: 90,000 lbs

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Available Downloads:
GXT 555 XT Mobile Shear Safety & Operator's Manual
GXT 555 XT Mobile Shear Spec Sheet