Genesis GVP 07 with Concrete Cracker Jaw

Genesis GVP 07 with Concrete Cracker Jaw

Manufacturer: Genesis
Model Number: GVP 07 Concrete Cracker Jaw
Product Class: Attachment

GVP 07 with Concrete Cracker Jaw

Concrete processing equipment, such as the Versi Pro 07 with Concrete Cracker Jaw, enables contractors to get bigger results from their smaller machines. Designed for use on 65 to 80 Hp skid steers, 10,000 lb. to 15,000 lb. mini-excavators and 28,000 lb. minimum compact excavators, the GVP 07 with Cracker Jaw excels at crushing concrete for recycling, demolition, and C & D processing.

The GVP 07 accepts shear, cracker, grapple and wire cutter jaw sets and is ideal for jobs in which a small and mobile machine is needed. Use for concrete processing when needed and then easily and safely change out jaw sets in 10 minutes or less. With an integral pivot group, each jaw set is engineered to provide peak power for its designed function.

360-degree rotation is standard and our field-proven proprietary speed valve and large cylinder regenerate up to 33% faster than standard hydraulic systems for faster cycle times, more cuts per hour and more material processed.

GVP 07 with Concrete Cracker Jaw Specifications

  • Weight: 1,385 lbs
  • Jaw Opening: 14.5"
  • Jaw Depth: 13"
  • Reach w/Jaw Installed: 5'8"
  • Minimum Excavator Wt. Boom Mount: 12,000 lbs
  • Minimum Excavator Wt Stick Mount: 16,000 lbs
  • Minimum Skid Steer Weight: 7,000 lbs

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GVP 07 Spec Sheet
GVP 07 Safety Manual
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