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FRD HP135 II Compactor / Driver

FRD HP135 II Compactor / Driver

Manufacturer: FRD
Model Number: HP135 II
Product Class: Attachment

FRD HP135 II Compactor / Driver

Ideal for Driving Steel Sheeting for Retaining Walls
Compactor/drivers combine high frequency vibration with high impact power to make quick work of any compaction or driving task. Designed for use on medium and large excavators, these compactors are designed to work anywhere a boom can reach in trenches, around foundations, on slopes or seawalls. Hydra-Paks can safely compact trenches, often eliminating the extra cost involved with a man and walk-behind unit and the added expense of trench boxes or shoring. The Hydra-Paks are also ideal for driving steel sheeting used for retaining walls.

Furukawa compactor/drivers feature special rubber shock absorbers which protect the boom by isolating it from the Hydra-Pak vibrations and a cross-over check valve protects the motor.

HP135 II delivers 13,500 lbs. of impulse force at 2000 cycles per minute assuring maximum lift capacity. Built for rugged, reliable performance with hardened steel components to resist the effects of stress, vibration, fatigue and impact forces.

HP135 II Compactor Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates costly trench boxes and shoring.
  • Drives sheeting for retaining walls.
  • Rubber shocks absorb vibration protecting the carrier’s boom.
  • Available with O.E.M. bolt-on top cap.
  • HP135 II Quick Specs

  • Impulse Force: 13500 ft lbs
  • Cycles/minute: 2,000
  • Operating Pressure PSI: 2,000
  • Hydraulic Flow Required GPM: 30
  • Weight: 1,335 lbs
  • Height: 34"
  • Width: 28"
  • Pim Spacing: 28mm
  • Mounting Pin Diameter: As Required
  • Base Plate Dimensions: 28”x40”
  • Compaction Area Sq Ft: 7.8

The FRD HP135 is available in two additional versions.  Specific information for each may be found here; FRD HP135 FB II Compactor/Driver and FRD HP135 FT II Compactor/Driver

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HP135 Brochure
FRD Breaker Attachment Full Line Brochure