FRD F70 Qt Large Series Hydraulic Breaker

FRD F70 Qt Large Series Hydraulic Breaker

Manufacturer: FRD
Model Number: F70 Qt
Product Class: Attachment

F70 Qt 49-77 ton class Hydraulic Breaker

One of the largest of the F-Series, the F70 Qt is truly designed for use on excavators in the 49-77 ton class. Our patented dust intake prevention system keeps the internal parts of the breaker clean for improved service life.

A unique greasing system lubricates both the front head and front bushings for improved service life. Considered the quiet giant, the F70 Qt's one-piece enclosure reduces noise levels making this hammer a perfect choice for use in noise sensitive environments.

All Furukawa hammers come complete with Furukawas exclusive Pro-Pak for ease of installation. The Pro-Pak includes hose whips, mounting hardware, standard working steel and tool kit with operating manual at no additional charge.

F70 Qt Features & Benefits

  • A patented dust intake prevention system prevents dust from entering the front head during the piston stroke. This improves the life of the piston as well as the working steel and bushings.
  • Unique greasing system lubricates front head and front bushings for improved service life to working steel.
  • Qt design features reduced noise levels for use in city environments.
  • A higher back head pressure and larger piston diameter results in an increase in impact energy over previous models.
  • CD designed side bolt threads provide even load distribution and greater surface contact between the nut and bolt reducing the chances of thru-bolt failure.

F70 Qt Quick Specs

  • Impact Energy Class: 10000 ft lb
  • Blows/minute (variable): 250-320
  • Operating pressure: 2320-2610 psi
  • Recommended carrier range: 48.5-77 tons

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Available Downloads:
FRD F70 Qt Spec Sheet
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