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Fecon SH360 Stump Hog Carbide Stump Grinder

Fecon SH360 Stump Hog Carbide Stump Grinder

Manufacturer: Fecon
Model Number: SH360
Product Class: Attachment

SH360 Stump Hog Carbide Stump Grinder

Fecon offers a wide range of stump grinding attachments in our Stump Hog line for skid steers and excavators and forestry prime mowers.

SH360 Features

Just 15 Tools with single bolt fastening.
  • Three tool choices for lower operating costs.
  • Unlimited swing, reach and depth for the hard to reach stumps that cannot be safely accessed with a traditional stumper.
  • Wheel supported on both sides.
  • Interchangeable with Fecon Mulcher.
  • Removable guard installed for when working in sensitive areas.
  • Polychain belt drive.
  • Bolt on mount custom to excavator with pin-on or quick attach options.
  • SH360 Specifications

  • Hydraulic HP: 20 T EXC and up 
  • Flow/PSI: 40-105 gpm 
  • Diameter: 36" 
  • Thickness: 4" 
  • Tools: 15 
  • Width: unlimited 
  • Depth: 40" 
  • Telescoping: No 
  • Weight: 2,600 lbs 
  • Length: 36" 
  • Width: 36" 

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