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Fecon FMA8039 HYD Soil Hog Milling Attachment

Fecon FMA8039 HYD Soil Hog Milling Attachment

Manufacturer: Fecon
Model Number: FMA8039 HYD
Product Class: Attachment

FMA8039 HYD Soil Hog Milling Attachment

Fecon’s® Soil Hog milling attachments are well suited to milling compacted soil, stumps, and roots, or to blend in stabilizing materials or additives to improve the soil. The Soil Hogs can also be used to fell and incorporate standing trees into the ground if desired. The Soil Hog is ideal for loosening top soil, or milling fields of stumps and roots in order to convert land into tillable acres for alternative crops, preparing for construction or pipelines, and creating ideal planting beds for crops such as blueberries, fruit, nut or Christmas trees, or to incorporate organics back into the soil during rehabilitation of forest land following wildfire.
  • Patented rotor system and carbide cutting tools
  • Blend soil, wood, and organic material all at once
  • Strong drive lines with reliable belt tensioning efficiently deliver power to the rotor
  • Innovative carbide Rotovator tool works through rock and abrasion
  • FMA8039 HYD Specifications

  • Working Width: 80” 
  • Max Depth: 20"
  • Exposed Rotor Depth: 10"
  • Weight: 11,900 lbs
  • HP Type: Hydraulic
  • Min HP: 300
  • Max HP: 600
  • Debris Door: Standard
  • Roller: N/A

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