Etnyre Street Flusher

Etnyre Street Flusher

Manufacturer: EDEtnyreCo
Model Number: Standard Street Flusher
Product Class: Base Unit

Etnyre Street Flusher with Hydrostatically Driven Water Pumps

Etnyre Street Flusher uses a patented water control system to deliver constant water pressure.  The Etnyre water control system automatically maintains a predetermined water pressure while flushing.
The hydrostatic water pump drive reduces maintenance and allows adjustment to meet multiple job requirements as needed.
The Etnyre Street Flusher features a light weight design with improved weight distribution to allow for larger payloads and increased productivity.
Two Styles to Choose from…

Etnyre Street Flusher - Standard Not Skirted
Standard unit with capacities of 1900, 2200,2500 gallons (for 120"/126" C.A. truck mounting), and 2700, 3000, 3500 gallons (for 120"/ 126" C.B. truck mounting).
  • 750 G.P.M. water pump with hydrostatic drive.
  • Three flushing nozzles with pilot operated 2" globe type valves.

Etnyre Street Flusher - Standard with Optional Skirting
Includes the same features as our standard Flusher plus skirting and an enclosed compartment
with rear access doors.

Options may be viewed here;  Etnyre SKIRTING, Etnyre Water Pump Drive

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Street Flusher with Hydrostatic Driven Water Pump Specifications
Street Flusher with Rear Engine Driven Water Pump Specifications