Etnyre Spray Nozzles

Etnyre Spray Nozzle

Model Number: Spray Nozzles
Product Class: Attachment

Etnyre Spray Nozzles for Pressure Sprinklers [Optional]

Etnyre Spray Nozzle
1-4 customers choice. Two piece horizontally split, slot type. Adjustable in three planes, hand lockable. Cab controlled electric/air, 2" diaphragm actuated globe type valve. Customer to specify location.

Other Optional Equipment:

Etnyre Spray Bar
8' spray bar is an optional purchase,  The spray bar is controlled from cab with nozzles on 4" centers.

Etnyre Fill Hose
16' x 2.5" hose for hydrant filling is availble as an optional purchase.

Etnyre Water Pump
400 G.P.M. water pump is an optional purchase and is used in lieu of standard 185 G.P.M.

Etnyre Fire Fighting Valve
2.5" fire underwriters approved valve with N.S.T. threads, mounted on pump pressure header may be purchased as optional equipment.

Available for Sale