Etnyre P-200 Bituminous Pump

Etnyre P-200 Bituminous Pump

Manufacturer: EDEtnyreCo
Model Number: P-200
Product Class: Base Unit

Etnyre P-200, 3" bituminous material pump

Trailer Mounted with exhaust heated Etnyre P-200, 3" bituminous material pump with relief valve, Wisconsin Model VH-4D four cylinder air cooled gasoline engine (manufacturers maximum rating - 30 H.P.), complete with 12 V. starter, alternator and battery. Two 3" Etnyre quick couplers, towing tongue, 2,000 lb. axle on springs, 4.50-12, 4 ply rating tires.
Weight, 1,100 lbs. uncrated.
Skid Mounted with Etnyre P-200 steam/hot oil jacketed bituminous pump with relief valve. 15HP 1200 RPM 230/460 volt, 3 phase 60 cycle Electric Motor, four V-belt drive, heavy duty steel frame, 3" piping with two Etnyre quick couplers.
Weight, 900 lbs. uncrated.

The Etnyre P-200 Bituminous Pump Skid Mounted unit also available less transportation assembly.
Weight, 950 lbs.
Tractor Mounted with exhaust heated Etnyre P-200 pump with relief valve, 3" piping and two Etnyre quick couplers. It only includes installation and does not include truck Power Take-Off. P.T.O. for truck installation price on application.

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