Etnyre L-LTD-06 Limited Series Trailers

Etnyre L-LTD-06 Limited Series Trailer

Manufacturer: EDEtnyreCo
Model Number: L-LTD-06
Product Class: Base Unit

Blackhawk Limited Series 35-50 ton trailer

Blackhawk L-LTD-06 Limited Series Trailers have the highest lifting capacity and the most travel (above and below ground level) to clear any obstacle you may encounter while on the road.
Blackhawk Removable Gooseneck Trailers
Quality and performance in an economical package.

Etnyre L-LTD-06 Limited Series Trailer Available in 35 and 50 ton models

35 Ton Specifications
  • 35 tons in any 16”
  • 22’ platform length
  • 8 Lash rings
  • 12,000 lbs empty weight
  • 49” axle spacing (spring suspension)

55 Ton Specifications
  • 50 tons in any 16’
  • 55 tons evenly distributed
  • 24’ platform length\12 lash rings
  • 16,500 lbs empty weight]
  • 55” axle spacing

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Limited Series Trailers L-LTD-06 Brochure
50/55 Ton Trailer Specifications