Etnyre Chipspreader

Etnyre Chipspreader

Manufacturer: EDEtnyreCo
Model Number: Chipspreader
Product Class: Base Unit

Etnyre Chipspreader Built to be the Best

Computer controlled accuracy and the legendary Etnyre commitment to customer satisfaction.
Etnyre Chipspreader offers more
  • Front wheel or four wheel drive
  • More dependability
  • More productivity
  • More capacity
  • More control
  • More options

Exclusive Etnyre Chipspreader Variable Width Spread Hopper allows the operator to adapt the spread width on the move.
  • No parts to add or subtract.
  • One pass capability to 24' wide.
  • No extra hopper extending beyond the spread width.
  • Unbeatable transportation convenience.

The variable width hopper for the Etnyre Chipspreader hydraulically extends and retracts while spreading to cover the entire road and shoulder in one pass. Width is adjusted with a switch. Controls are located at both the driver’s seat and in a mobile control panel located at the right front station. Two independent spread hoppers. Width is variable on the left side, right side, or both sides at once. The hoppers retract with the flip of a switch. Ready for transport only seconds after finishing a job. No need to empty hoppers or remove parts.

With the Etnyre Chipspreader, individual one foot power gates give the variable hopper flexibility and increased productivity.

Etnyre Chipspreader is available in four sizes:
  • 9'/18' System, spreads 1' to 18'
  • 10'/20' System, spreads 1' to 20'
  • 11'/22' System, spreads 1' to 22'
  • 12'/24' System, spreads 1' to 24'

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Chipspreader Brochure
Etnyre ChipSpreader Booklet
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