Doosan DX85R-3 Crawler Excavator

Doosan DX85R-3 Crawler Excavator

Manufacturer: Doosan
Model Number: DX85R-3
Product Class: Base Unit

Doosan DX85R-3 Crawler Excavator

The reduced tail swing DX85R-3 provides enhanced fuel efficiency, industry-leading bucket forces, and fast cycle times to power through a wide variety of jobs.
Excellent slew performance makes it an ideal machine for working on slopes. At the core of the machine is a smooth, refined hydraulic system that gives you ultimate control.
Selectable auxiliary flow rates and the detent (continuous flow) mode allow for more precise attachment performance. The comfortable joystick controls reduce hand fatigue and include two way auxiliary hydraulic control. Offset boom swing improves machine versatility allowing you dig in line with the tracks.
The DX85R-3 comes standard with Auto-Shift travel, which shifts the excavator out of high range or low range automatically. Auto-Shift increases travel performance on demand, allowing operators to focus on the direction and speed.
When the DX85R-3 moves, the auto-shift drive system automatically downshifts when the job demands more torque.
Inside the cab, a multi-language deluxe color panel displays fuel level, coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position and engine rpm. Operators can select auxiliary hydraulic flow modes and rates from the panel. For increased security, an integrated password protection system may be used to help prevent theft.
Other cab features include multiple storage locations and a 12-volt power supply to keep your cell phone charged throughout the workday.

DX85R-3 Options

  • Hydraulic Clamp Attachment
  • Rotating  Beacon
  • Falling Objects Guard Assembly Kit
  • Fuel Filter Pump

DX85R-3 Approved Attachments

  • Bucket, Ditching
  • Bucket, Trenching
  • Clamp
  • Wedge Lock Clamp
  • Wedge lock Coupler

DX85R-3 Quick Specs

  • Rated Power: 58.6 HP
  • Max Digging Reach: 23’11”
  • Max Digging  Depth: 15’6”
  • Max Loading Height: 16’4”

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