Crafco Super Shot 125 Melter/Applicator

Crafco Super Shot 125 Melter / Applicator

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: Super Shot 125
Product Class: Base Unit

Super Shot 125 Melter / Applicator Pavement Preservation System

The mid-sized 125 gallon capacity Super Shot 125 offers the best versatility. Ideal for mid to large sized projects, this unit is diesel powered, available with an optional compressor or a labor saving Autoloader.
The Crafco Super Shot series melter/applicators represent the most technologically advanced melter / applicators available. These state-of-the-art machines offer the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. The digital control features of this equipment accurately control and regulate the heating temperature of the sealant and transfer oil. The patented internal pumping system requires no clean out and features a hydraulic flow rate adjustment. The internal pump only operates when the operator activates the micro-switch on the applicator wand. With “On Demand” pumping there are no valves, fewer moving parts and no hose pressure build up. Super Shot melters will out-perform any comparable sized machine available. Crafco offers a one-year warranty, more options and greater safety, making these machines the greatest value with the highest productivity of any melter.

Engineered Efficiency

Crafco’s Super Shot engineered pump is mounted inside the melter, eliminating material recirculation, outside plumbing and high-pressure lines, which decreases pump wear. By eliminating the need for recirculation the pump runs only when material application is needed, making this an “on-demand” system which increases pump life and operator safety. Additionally, an internally mounted pump requires no packing, eliminating maintenance. Less maintenance in the shop means more production on the job, more profit and less costs.

Engineered Options and Features

Standard Engineered Features make the operation of these melters the safest and the easiest machines to operate. Many of the other features reduce labor and operating costs. The most impressive are the Super Shot Melter Engineered Options. Design the machine you want with these options. Add an optional industrial air compressor and save the cost of running an additional engine and tow vehicle. With over 20 available options you will save time, money and manpower.

Super Shot 125 Melter Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 138.25”L / 68”W / 83.25”H
  • Shipping Weight: 2,800 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 5,100 lbs
  • Material Capacity: 132 gallons
  • Melt Rate: 900 lbs/hr
  • Heat Transfer Oil: 34 gallons
  • Tank Construction: Double Boiler
  • Axle Capacity: 5,200 lbs Torsional
  • Air Compressor (Optional): 53.8 CFM @ 100 PSI
  • Hose Style: Heated
  • Wand Style: Heated
  • Hose Compartment: No
  • Boom: Dual Pillow Block Bearings

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Super Shot 125DC w/50cfm Comp Specs
Super Shot 125DC w/70cfm Comp Specs
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