Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter

Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: Model 200
Product Class: Base Unit

Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter/Router for Pavement Cracks and Joints

Engineered Performance
Specifically designed to effectively rout random cracks and joints. Routed cracks stay sealed three to four times longer than cracks that are not.

The Industry Standard
The Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter has been the industry standard for twenty-five years. There is no other Pavement Cutter that can match the quality, reliability, long term performance and features of the Crafco Model 200. It’s lightweight mobile design, unique center of axis and cutter head alignment enables it to produce unmatched crack following accuracy. There is no better way to effectively and efficiently create sealant crack reservoirs than with the Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter, the most popular Pavement Cutter throughout the world.
Self-Propelled Option
This revolutionary option for the Model 200 Pavement Cutter will self-propel the cutter from crack to crack with the touch of the fingertip control.

The struggle to move the cutter uphill, up inclines (road crowns) and from crack to crack is eliminated. Simply engage the wheel drive power and the cutter moves effortlessly to wherever it is needed.

This new mobility option is ideal for propelling the pavement cutter up and down loading ramps with little effort. The self-propelled option greatly increases productivity and decreases operator fatigue.

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Model 200 Pavement Cutter Brochure