Crafco Magnum Spray Injection Patcher

Crafco Magnum Spray Injection Patcher

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: Magnum Spray Injection Patcher
Product Class: Base Unit

Crafco Magnum Spray Patcher System

The Crafco Spray Injection Patcher Systems utilize high air velocity, which allows for the cleaning, tacking and filling to be completed in one continuous operation. These one-man systems provide a repair that is not only fast and economical but also extremely durable due to high material compaction and density.
Magnum Spray Patcher
Crafco's Magnum Spray Injection Patcher effectively repairs a wide variety of pavement conditions using an integrated operation system, which cleans the area to be repaired, applies a tack coat, coats the aggregate with asphalt emulsion and then applies the mixture, all in one continuous operation.

The Magnum Spray Patcher features:
  • Highest production in the industry
  • Best velocity control
  • Best aggregate control
  • Seven tons per hour production
  • Large work area (1,275 sq. ft.)
  • Positive feed system
  • Precise emulsion control
  • Crafco quality
  • Mobile
  • Two person crew
Air Stream T-M
Crafco's AirStream T-M is a self-contained, truck mounted patching system that combines maneuverability and efficiency. With fingertip aggregate/emulsion control, the Air Stream TM delivers up to 5.25 tons per hour production, contains 6.5 cubic yard gravity flow hopper, covers 1,200 square feet of work area, 2-year venturi warranty, maintenance-free heating, air feed delivery, and adjustable boom height.
Emulsion Storage Tanks
Crafco Emulsion Storage Tanks conveniently store emulsions on site for immediate use at truckload prices. The tanks feature double welded seams, a drop cone bottom, 3" insulation, secondary containment shell and leak detection gauge. They are available in 2,3,4,5,6,8, and 10 thousand gallon sizes

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Magnum Spray Injection Patcher Sell Sheet
Air Stream T-M Sell Sheet