Crafco Hot Mastic Applicator

Crafco Hot Mastic Applicator

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: Hot Mastic Applicator
Product Class: Base Unit

Hot Mastic Applicator for the Patcher I and II

Improve quality of the repair, productivity, safety and ease of use with the Crafco Hot Mastic Applicator.  Transport hot mastic patching material from the melter to the repair area for installation.

The Crafco Hot Mastic Applicator is designed to be used with the Crafco Patcher I and II for the transfer and placement of PolyPatch mastic and mastic material. 

Apply up to 10 gallons of mastic between refills.  Newly added lifting handles improve loading and unloading when moving the applicator.

Features include a reversible handle for ease of use and safety, long agitation bar, removable shoe, an improved discharge gate, heat chute, material agitation, wheel stability and heat efficiency.

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