Crafco EZ Series II 500 Melter / Applicator

Crafco EZ Series II 500 Melter / Applicator

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: EZ Series II 500 Melter / Applicator
Product Class: Base Unit

500 Melter / Applicator

The EZ 500 (500 liter, 132 gallon) unit is designed to be maneuverable and easily towed with all the advantages of its bigger brothers. 

Available in four base configurations:
  • Standard Base (non-electric hose)
  • Standard Compressor
  • Electric Base (Electric Hose)
  • Electric Compressor
The superior heat and recovery time make the EZ Series II 500 ideal for that parking lot or the city street when time is of the most importance.  Most EZ Series 1000 and 1500 options are available for this versatile unit as well.

Crafco's EZ Series II Melter/Applicator's engineered performance answers today's challenges of higher energy costs and smaller budgets.

Engineered for Efficiency
Utilizing a heat tower inside the sealant tank, the EZ Series II Melters achieve over 95% heat efficiency and with larger mixer paddles, turning at an optimal speed, the heat is transferred into the sealant faster than ever before.

Engineered Options and Features 
Standard Engineered Features make this melter the safest and easiest machine to operate. Many other features reduce labor and operating costs.

Engineered for Safety 
EZ Series II is loaded with standard safety features designed to protect the operator and public. The autoloader keeps the operator clear of hot sealant and adds efficiency to the process. Rear controls keep the operator away from traffic on both sides of the unit. Anti-splash lids with safety shut off further protect the operator. 

EZ Series II 500 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 172.75”L / 72.25”W / 86.88”H
  • Shipping Weight: 4,180 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 5,480 lbs
  • Material Capacity: 132 Gal.
  • Melt Rate: 1,100 lbs/hr
  • Heat Transfer Oil: 21.5 Gal
  • Tank Construction: Double Boiler w/ Center Column
  • Axle Capacity: Single 5,200 lb. / Torsional
  • Air Compressor (Optional): 53.8CFM @ 100PSI / 70CFM @ 125PSI
  • Hose Style: Standard or Electric
  • Wand Style: Standard or Electric
  • Hose Compartment: Yes
  • Boom: Sliding Bearing

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