Crafco BAX 60 Marker Application Unit

Crafco BAX 60 Marker Application Unit

Manufacturer: Crafco
Model Number: BAX 60
Product Class: Base Unit

BAX 60 the Right Choice for marker application

The right choice for marker application is the Crafco Marker Adhesive System. Crafco’s Marker Adhesive System includes both application equipment and marker adhesive.
The BAX 60 is a  skid-mounted 60 gallon marker adhesive unit for Flexible Marker Adhesive. A 10 foot heated hose and 24” wand allows maneuverability and efficient production. Additional hose and wand options are available.
The BAX 60 applies Crafco Hot-Applied Bituminous Marker Adhesive (PN#34269) and Hot-Applied Flexible Pavement Marker Adhesive (PN#34270).
The BAX 250 is also available for larger applications heating up to 250 pounds of adhesive per hour and providing 20 shots/ minute.

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BAX 60 Brochure
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