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Avant Property Maintenance

Avant Property MaintenanceAvant is the year-round machine for property maintenance. In winter, snow removal and salt spreading is simple. In Spring, sweeping and and washing is easy. In summer, lawn mowing and grass collection is a piece of cake. And in the fall, leaf collecting and mulching is a snap. All this with the same basic machine. Thanks to its compact dimensions tight situations, small yards and narrow gates are no problem for Avant.

Avant is the property maintenance master:

  • Complete range of attachments for property maintenance
  • Thanks to compact dimensions and articulated steering can work on smaller yards
  • Four cab options: from safety frame with canopy to a full cab with heater and radio
  • Excellent, unrestricted field of vision to the attachment makes working on parking lots among cars much easier
  • Sufficient drive speed for moving between work sites

Avant property maintenance Videos