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Avant Farming Equipment

Avant Farming EquipmentOn farms, Avant can tackle hard jobs that previously had to be done by hand. It is an extremely versatile machine – only your imagination limits what the Avant can do. On many farms, Avants rack up more working hours than a tractor!

Avant is strong enough to handle heavier loads up to 3,100 pounds while compact design allows it to work in tight situations and go through narrow doorways. This means that Avant is exactly the right size for farm work.

Farms all over the world Use Avant machines for:

  • Silage distribution: round or square bales, silage to and from the silo-all with 1 machine
  • Distribution of grain and other fodder
  • Cleaning of feeding table and cattle sheds
  • Filling of mixer feeder wagons and feeding
  • Demanuring, cleaning of slatted floors
  • Distribution of bedding material
  • Handling and transporting of fertilizer sacks and big bags
  • Handling of pallets and other heavier loads
  • All loading jobs
  • Sweeping of yards and machine sheds
  • Snow removal and sand spreading
  • Wood chip loading to and from storage
  • Lawn mowing
  • Stone collecting
  • Building jobs
  • Work in horse stables

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