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Avant Snow Blower 1400

Avant Snow Blower 1400

Model Number: A21434
Product Class: Attachment

Snow Blower 1400

Avant snow blower 1400 is an efficient attachment for snow removal from sidewalks, foot paths, roads and similar places where the snow must be spread out evenly. The two-stage design of the Avant heavy duty snow blower makes it a very efficient snow removal tool - also with wet and heavy snow. First the auger breaks up the snow and moves it into the fan which then throws the snow out through the discharge chute.
The discharge chute can be rotated 270°, operated from the driver’s seat. Throwing height can be adjusted manually; electric throwing height adjustment available as an option.

Snow Blower 1400 Features

The Snow Blower 1400 features efficient two-stage snow blowers, a 43.3” working width and is suitable for all articulated model series. The Snow Blower 1400 is compatible with Compact Loader Model 630. Maximum compatibility is attained with Models 419, 420, 520, 525LPG and 528.

Snow Blower 1400 Specifications

  • Working Width: 55.1"
  • Chute Rotation: 270 °
  • Weight: 584 lb

  • Electric throwing height adjustment A34845
  • The optional attachment control switch pack A34700 is recommended on the loader.
  • If the snow blower is equipped with the electric throwing height adjustment, the A34700 control switch pack must be mounted.

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