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Avant Dozer Blade 2500

Avant Dozer Blade 2500

Model Number: A410365
Product Class: Attachment

Avant Dozer Blade 2500

Equipped with hydraulic blade turning, Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly. The blade is equipped with spring release mechanism which protects the blade and driver in case it hits an obstacle.
Dozer blade 2500 is ideally designed for clearing snow from large areas, such as large industrial estates, parking lots etc. Dozer blade 2500 is equipped with two bolt-on extensions, 10” each which can be mounted as collecting or straight edge. Equipped with a turnable blade with straight and ice cutting edge.

Dozer Blade 2500 Features

  • Robust construction and higher blade than on DozerBlade 2000, with spring release mechanism
  • Recommended for snow removal on larger areas
  • Turnable 2 x 10” extensions as standard, can be mounted in collection position or straight
  • Equipped with a turnable blade with straight / ice cutting edge
Very compatible with all Avant series Compact loaders including models 419, 420,520, 525LPG, 528, 630,635, 640, 745 and 750.

Avant 400, 500, 600 and 700 series Specifications

  • Working width: 98.4"
  • Weight: 573 lb
  • Angle: ±30 º
  • Blade height: 20.5"

Rubber blade 98.4” A35624

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