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Avant 745 Compact Loader

Avant 745 Compact Loader

Manufacturer: AvantTecno
Model Number: 745
Product Class: Base Unit

Avant 745 Compact Loader

The powerful AVANT 745 features:
  • Work efficiency and maneuverability
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety

The RIGHT model for every job
The AVANT 745 Compact Loader has improved load handling capabilities with a lift capacity of up to 3,100 lb to tackle larger jobs than smaller AVANT models, without losing one familiar AVANT feature: smoothness of operation. 
  • For jobs that require high auxiliary hydraulics oil flow
  • For jobs that require good lift capacity
  • For jobs where 9 MPH drive speed is sufficient

Design Features

The unique articulated chassis design makes the AVANT 745 Compact Loader an unrivalled machine in its class, with additional features to improve operator comfort, work efficiency and work quality:
  • Telescopic loader boom gives more lift height and outreach – both equally important
  • Modern off center boom construction guarantees excellent, unrestricted visibility – no need to reach out from the driver’s seat in order to see the attachment.
  • Boom self levelling makes load handling quicker and more precise
  • Increased safety thanks to the load sensor system
  • Articulated design allows precise sideways moving of the load in tight situations
  • AVANT quick hitch system allows easy, safe and fast attachment coupling.

Top Class Features
  • Easily handles brick packs, dumpy bags, pallets, and bales
  • Compact enough to work in tight situations
  • Telescopic loader boom provides more lift height and outreach
  • Boom self levelling makes load handling faster and more precise

Advanced Technology
  • Step-less hydrostatic transmission
  • Hydraulically pilot operated variable displacement drive pump – easy and smooth to drive, no wear parts in the drive system
  • Easy servicing

Wide Range of Options
  • Telescopic loader boom gives more lift height and outreach
  • Boom self levelling makes load handling quicker and more precise
  • With a choice of three cabs, rear hydraulics, boom floating and many other optional additions, an AVANT can be tailored to meet any requirements.

Best Ergonomics

Best operator position - The AVANT 745 driver is always in the front seat
  • Positioned in the front part of the machine, the operator’s seat is as close to the attachment as it can safely be, providing an unrestricted view of the attachment working.
  • This guarantees excellent work efficiency, precision and safety.

Off center boom construction
  • Allows excellent forward vision and a clear view of the attachment
  • More precision, work efficiency and safety
  • The machine reaches out – not the driver

Top class ergonomics
  • Ample space even for larger operators
  • Easily operated, well-positioned controls
  • Safe and easy access to driver’s seat
  • Certified ROPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy is a standard feature

Safety Features

Rigid Articulation Joint
The rigid articulation joint prevents sideways pivot and is a very important feature in a machine of this size. Thanks to this rigid design the risk of tipping the machine over is greatly reduced, because the rear chassis is counterbalancing the front chassis at all times, preventing the front chassis from movement which could otherwise destabilize the machine. Existing AVANT operators pay testament to the stability of the machine, achieved because of this feature.

Safety Frame
Fitted as standard to the AVANT 745, the ROPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy is a four post structure that provides all round protection for the operator. The ROPS frame and the optional FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the ISO 3471 (ROPS) and ISO 3449 (FOPS) standards.

Telescopic Boom
The telescopic loader boom provides all the advantages of out-reach when fully extended and maximum stability as, when retracted, the load is close to the machine during transportation.

Boom Self Leveling
Boom self levelling makes load handling quicker and more precise. The self levelling system keeps the load automatically level in all positions of the loader boom.

Load Sensor
A load sensor is fitted as standard to the AVANT 700 series and provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground. This pre-emptive warning gives the operator more time to react in the event of the machine becoming unstable.

Multi Connector System as Standard Equipment
The multi connector system is standard equipment on AVANT 700 series machines and its attachments. It facilitates connecting and disconnecting of attachment hoses considerably, compared with conventional type quick couplings.

Multi connector Benefits
  • Connects all hoses effortlessly with a single hand movement.
  • Releases pressure automatically
  • Always easy and light to connect.
  • No oil drops during connecting or detaching.
  • It is not possible to connect the multi connector in a wrong way.

Resale value AVANT holds its value very well. Good strong basic construction, reliable uncomplicated design, long experience from all kinds of working conditions worldwide combined with a comprehensive service network and spare parts service supply, make AVANT a good choice.

Compact Loader Applications

The AVANT 745 Compact Loader may be used in a variety of applications, including:

745 Specifications

  • Length 119.3"
  • Width 42.5"(with 27x8.50-15 wheels)
  • Height 81.1"
  • Weight 3640 lb
  • Standard wheels: 320/60-12HD TR or  26x12.00-12” grass
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • Pulling force: 2425-3040 lbf
  • Drive speed: 7/9 MPH
  • Auxiliary hydraulics: 18.5 gal/min
  • Turning radius inside/outside: 49 / 109"
  • Maximum lifting height: 121.3"
  • Maximum lifting capacity (hydr.): 4630 lb
  • Tipping load with counterweights: 3100 lb
  • Maximum breakout force: 3100 lb
  • Engine make and type: Kubota V2403
  • Engine output (ISO Gross): 49 HP
  • Fuel: diesel  

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