New Jersey Paving Equipment

Chesapeake Supply and Equipment is your single-source provider of paving equipment in New Jersey. We carry a broad line of paving equipment that is available for sale, rent or lease. Paving supplies are also available.

Examples of Paving Equipment, Parts and Supplies available in New Jersey

  • Asphalt Melters for New Jersey
  • Asphalt Applicators for New Jersey
  • Pavement Patching Supplies in New Jersey
  • Crack Sealing Supplies in New Jersey
  • Asphalt Maintenance Distributors for New Jersey

Top Service Areas for Paving Equipment in New Jersey

Sample of Paving Equipment Available for New Jersey

Crafco Super Sealcoater 550

Crafco Super Sealcoater 550:
550 gal capacity, 13 HP Honda Engine
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Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter

Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter:
Easily Moved
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Crafco Model 30 Dust Control Router

Crafco Model 30 Dust Control Router:
Provides a Cleaner Work Environment
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Crafco EZ Series II 500 Melter / Applicator

Crafco EZ Series II 500 Melter / Applicator:
21HP,Melt 1100 lbs/hr
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JCB VM 115PD Padfoot Vibrating Roller

JCB VM 115PD Padfoot Vibrating Roller:
25.574 lb, 130 HP, Width 82"
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FRD HP75 Compactor / Driver

FRD HP75 Compactor / Driver:
7,800Foot lbs,24"Width
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Additional New Jersey Paving Equipment Availability Areas