Tom Gross, Fireside Stone and Patio

Amazing Machine tackles Snowmageddon 2016 
“Thanks to Chesapeake Supply for assisting with the selection and purchase of my Avant 635” said Tom Gross of Fireside Stone and Patio.  “What an awesome little machine.”

During Snowmageddon 2016, Tom Gross and the team at Fireside Stone and Patio used an Avant 635 Loader and bucket for snow removal and clean up.  The optional Work-light and Traffic-Light kits helped extend working hours so crews could work both before and after daylight.  In addition to snow removal, Tom and his team use the bucket and fork attachments to unload trucks and move materials around jobsites for patio and outdoor fireplace construction.

The Avant 635, bucket, forklift and light kits were purchased from Chesapeake Supply and Equipment.

Fireside Stone and Patio is located at 76 Frederick Road, just up the street from historic “Main Street” in Ellicott City.

Amazing Machine tackles Snowmageddon 2016